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The price of steel at home and abroad gap is widening
Release time:2012-6-27 16:17:47 | Click:1749

Last week the steel market overseas obviously going strong, outstanding characteristic is better than long flat materials trend of material, and domestic steel market overall in the consolidation stage. Monitor tower analysts published the study points out, flat steel materials at home and abroad and the price further expand, the domestic steel export resilience of the pattern is expected to be consolidated; At the same time, domestic foreign minister material also has expanded the price of steel, but no flat materials by large, which indicates that the long material on the whole demand is still too weak.

Is the overseas market the bounce of the steel price range to see, recent Asia and North America steel prices rise faster than Europe, these areas of the steel price go strong help domestic steel to these areas exports. From this perspective, foreign demand for steel recovery of supporting function of the upward price is growing.



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